Platige Image Transformed Kendall Jenner into a Mermaid for Reserved's #CiaoKendall Campaign

Platige Image has helped to introduce Kendall Jenner as an ambassador of the Reserved brand by realizing post-production and visual effects for the new #CiaoKendall spot.

A unique look inspired by the 1970s' aesthetics and a surprising transformation of Kendall Jenner into a mermaid are the defining features of the #CiaoKendall spot. The short film for the clothing brand Reserved was produced by Warsaw Creatives and directed by Gordon von Steiner, an acclaimed director for the fashion industry.

Click to watch #CiaoKendall – Kendall Jenner x RESERVED

The post-production and VFX were handled by Platige Image, an award-winning studio known for its work for Jaguar, Audi, Pepsi or Ford as well as numerous movie and video game production companies. The team was led by Sylwia Ślusarczyk (Producer), Piotr Ołtarzewski (CG Supervisor) and Piotr Sasim (Color Correction).

„The spot was filmed on analogue tape, which gave it a cinematic look, and the naturally occurring grain emphasized the retro style in which the entire spot is maintained.” says Piotr Ołtarzewski.

When creating the mermaid, the director and Platige Image first aimed at full realism, however as the work progressed, the vision shifted to a slightly more magical look. During the shoot, Kendall Jenner had markers attached to her lower body to help VFX specialists track her movement and replace the legs with a tail.

„It's been a wonderful shoot,” recalls Kamil Dąbkowski, On-set Supervisor. „Kendall was great to work with. Everyone was amazed with her dancing skills and physical fitness.”

„We'd like to thank the Warsaw Creatives agency for inviting us to work on this project. It's been a truly unique undertaking and we're happy to be part of it,” says the producer Sylwia Ślusarczyk.